DEEP [dynamic heightmap, textured fog]

Hi community!



Long story short: a dynamic texture (WebGLRenderTarget) of three synchronized noises (hightmap, colormap, data for the aqua pattern; rgb-channels respectively), textured fog (patched shader chunks).

PS Music is at the bottom left corner :slight_smile:


This … whatever it is … it has eyes!!!

BTW, I always learn something from your code. For example, this time I learned that it is possible to customize individual shader chunks (with all the side effects this may cause). So far, I was only modifying the complete enchunked shaders in onBeforeCompile.


Student: “What are those spheres at the bottom of the ocean?”
Marine Biologist: “Eh, stuff.”

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The hardest part is to give names to variables :smile:

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It looks cool, is it possible to change the color of the fog?

Feel free to change the color value in this line:
let fog = new THREE.Fog(0x113366, 5, 80);

I like the equidistant spacing of D & P, in alphabetical relation to, B & R… The demo is :ok_hand::melting_face::fire:

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You’ve made my evening :smile: