Bluemap - A Minecraft map in 3d

Hey all,

i recently discovered that theejs also has a forum, so I thought I say hello and show you what I made with this amazing library! :slight_smile:

I wanted a map of my Minecraft world … in 3d :smiley:
So I started this project some time ago and after some failed attempts, I actually got somewhere decent:

Demo: (Works best with Chrome, and make sure to zoom in ^^)
GitHub: BlueMap · GitHub

Here is a Screenshot:

The models of the world-chunks are being generated by a java-program and exported as a buffer-geometry json file. The generated files are huge but can be deflated using gzip with a compression rate of about 20%, wich helps a lot. Also, modern browsers can inflate those files on the fly if you send them correctly!

It is far from done, yet.
In the future i plan on maybe look into shader-writing and export the baked lighting and ambient-occlusion data separately. So i can mix them together using the shader, to be able to e.g switch between day and light… That should be possible, right? ^^

Please, tell me your thoughts, ideas and suggestions!


That’s great! Perhaps add a first person mode?

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I thought about adding a free-flight mode in first-person, but without collision-detection because that would be really difficult to implement

That’s a great idea

This is really amazing! Fantastic work!

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