Hello, i have few questions:

How can i contact with somebody for help (no matter where, discord preffered).
I need to make my 3d map interactive with first person, and my mesh to be clickable, for now i got source, but i want to make it interactive fps game.

This is a good place to ask for help. Please read this for a guide on how to ask a question here:

Make sure to share your work so far and only ask one question per post.

@unknownroot000 I can’t access the site.

Is it possible to share as a live example using codesandbox or codepen?

Got it?

I created a sandbox with your code. But all I see is black screen. Looks like it might be missing a ./js/maptalks.js file?

is there any way i can reach you via some chat - discord for example?

No, I don’t offer private help, sorry.

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