Need Help? Help is here!

Hello Internet surfer! I’m currently looking foward to help anyone with ideas! Im a person who likes to explore fun projects made right from the Chrome Browser. I excel with ideas in physic related things! That means such as fun tools to add to a ragdoll game! Anyways, Just a Teen looking forward to helping around and explore the works of people who code! Remeber, I might not reply quick, as I am a teen and I still got school lol.

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Hi Zech, it’s great to find an enthusiastic person! :slight_smile: I have several cool projects, maybe you might like some of them. I bring expertise from other fields, for example deep learning, but not three.js. Currently I would like to let the user interactively “remote-control” (via 2D sliders that are NOT inside the 3D scene) some “keypoints” of a 3D object and the smoothness/roundness of certain edges etc., in order to a have a certain control over the shape of the object. Here’s a slightly related example of various smoothness values: . Maybe you know how to do that? Also just controlling thickness of the object would be a good start. Or if you care about the details and goals, I could email them to you if you want. Thanks! I hope you like the challenge.

Well, Im not a creator myself but try looking around for the words in your script code or whatever your using. I really like this photo and using this kind of smoothing would be great!

If you got me a demo that i dont have to download, I can try it right away. anyways, ill be back on @ 10:00 or 11:00. I got pssa stuff.