Mr. Doob - potential addon wrappers, tools,and a lib for three.js

Mr. Doob, knower and curator of all things 3D. Hail. I am wanting to share a library of three.js addons/wrappers for vector displaced spheroids, video textured geometryX tools, orbital animations, SQL integration etc…

I will send along credentials for the github repository after I hear back from you. We can take this to personal email if that is prefered.

I fully expect a pint of my chosing after your perusal, and ruthless critique. Perhaps there is a way for the community to prosper, while also allowing me to gain some funding, of some type. Perhaps acadamia???


Pull Request to main repo¹, or Pull Request to stdlib², or Pull Request to drei-vanilla³, or just make separate project repositories public and post in #Showcase


¹ - will likely take a very long time to discuss, refactor, and review before getting merged (if at all, mostly only vital things ever get into the main repo)
² - will likely take a shorter time to get merged, better for experimental things, if people will like it / use it there, it’s more likely to get proposed into the main repo
³ - will likely get merged as long as it works / looks awesome, drei is a bunch of reusable experiments by-community-for-community