Harmony of the Spheres - Gravity Simulator

As far as THREE.js goes, it’s not all that sophisticated, but I’ve had insane amounts of fun working on this project and feel that it’s time to share the fruit of my labour thus far:

Harmony of the Spheres

It got on the front page of Hacker News, which is mostly thanks to how awesomely easy, for a total programming n00b like myself, it is to work with THREE.js and create something that is somewhat palatable, so thanks to those of you that contribute to THREE.js and help make it the awesome library that it is!

Gonna continue working on this project, but before I implement any new features I’m going to try to wrap my head around shaders!

Feedback is always welcome!


@TheHappyKoala everything is good, but that would even be greater if you can make the storm active on Jupiter’s surface :smile:

@brothereye Thankie! Hahaha… Wonder how slow the time step would have to be for one to be able to make out the dynamics of the storm in question… So… Slow…

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