Harmony of the Spheres update!

Hey fellows,

Done some work on the UI, added some new cool scenarios and with the help of prisoner849 shock waves are now emitted when two bodies collide :boom:!

Here is a simulation of the 21 fragments that made up Shoemaker-Levy 9 and collided with Jupiter over the course of a week in July 1994.


that’s great,nice work!

In my opinion I would make it free camera by default and maybe also auto play, took me a second to figure out what to do

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Funny, because that’s the only scenario where the free camera is not the default… I just figured it would be cool to view the impacts from the point of view of the debris themselves, but the simulation does look cooler when you have a free camera and can get a clear sense of how the fragments accelerate just before hitting Jupiter, and the trajectories of the fragments are much easier to make out, so I’ll probably change the default camera perspective for the next build :D!


I can imagine people are getting sick of my creating a thread every time I add a vertice to Harmony of the Spheres, so I’ll just post this update in this thread, instead…

When Galaxies Collide

80 000 particles, where the trajectory of each particle is determined by the combined mass of each galaxy in the simulation, which is to say they don’t feel each others gravity, but you can still notice some pretty cool stuff, for instance gravitational tides and their distorting effect on the shape of the galaxies as they approach one another; how galaxy collisions wreck the beautiful spiral structure of spiral galaxies and last but not least how spiral patterns emerge from elliptical orbits where stars conglomerate at their periapsis and form a sort of stellar traffic jam.


This is so cool! Well done. Any way to add a time-scale control, or would that break the simulation?

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Thanks! Yes, I can add a control for the time step (you can go faster, but for whatever reason I enjoy watching these scenarios play out in slow motion) :slight_smile:. Should be online within a day or two!