MilkyWay3D - VR and PC galactic visualization

Just want to invite you to check out my project:
It has MORE then 113 000 stars in it, on actual positions!

Best regards :slight_smile:


Would be nice if the VR mode would work on an Oculus Go/Rift or Vive not just cardboard/gears but that’s just a niggle.

Super super cool, I love these types of visualizations; something I think interactive mediums really excel at. The constellations part of the tour was a nice surprise.

Might want to rephrase the last part of this though, Earths closest star is the Sun no? :grin:


I’m really glad you liked it :wink:

ip3ly5 - It is true, Thanks, I will change it right away (second closest star, after our sun) :slight_smile: