Star Atlas - An interactive map of the night sky

Hey everyone, I’d just like to showcase my new three.js project: :sparkles:

It’s a fully interactive map of the night sky on the web. Explore over 60,000 stars, discover planets, watch solar eclipses and lots more. It works as a PWA ‘add to homescreen’ app and it can use the accelerometer to create an immersive experience.

Huge thanks to all the contributors to three.js, without whom this would not have been at all possible. This is my first major three.js project and working with the framework and the docs has been an absolute delight.

Happy stargazing!


That looks cool!
Would love to hear if you wrote/plan to write any article explaining how you put it together.

Great work.

Great! Fun to play with! Nice work.

As somebody that is borderline obsessed with all things space, thank you for creating this app :star: :star: :star:

Very cool!!