Interactive solar system with a musical twist

Hi all, I made a web app using three.js (and the Web Audio API) that lets you create and visualize music in space! The concept: imagine planets are like instruments in a solar symphony. When notes are played, colorful rings appear around each planet making a fun audiovisual experience.

Along with a 3D interactive solar system, it includes an interface where you can synthesize sound, draw notes, mix tracks, and export audio.

It’s fairly resource-intensive, doesn’t run on mobile, and still working out a few bugs. Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

Try it out (mobile not supported yet):

Read more about solsym here.


Very nice.

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That was… unexpected :grin:

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@threejsman Glad you enjoyed it!

@mrdoob Haha thanks for trying it out :slight_smile: You and the other contributors are awesome, thanks so much for all your efforts!