Muon - Music Visualizer using Three.js (WIP)

Link to project : Muon Music Visualizer (
Link to Github : GitHub - najafmohammed/muon-music-visualizer

Hi, there I been trying to learn 3.js for about a year now and I started out with this project to learn about it with each new iteration of the project adding something I learned and modifying the visualizer along the way. The code is messy and not optimized at all but It was the best i could manage working on it on and off again.

Any feedback would be helpful about what could be improved about the project or any optimization tips.
PS - You have to load an audio / video file to start the visualizer using the file icon on the left.
The search function just returns a predefined API request from the NoCopyrightSounds api( nocopyrightsounds-api - npm ( -Need to add search functionality in future update.