Abandoned Planet

Check out my demo. Thinking about using cannon.js for collision detection.


Nice-looking demo, and interesting controls. :+1:

Are your sure Cannon.js isn’t overkill for such a simple case? Are you planning to introduce a lot of dynamics etc? Collision detection of the astronaut against the car and flag pole can be implemented very simply with a few position checks and handling thereof.

I want to be able to drive the moon vehicle on the terrain also and have him to pick up and throw rocks in the scene. If I can find a way to do that without cannon.js that would be awesome. Any suggestions?

The more different stuff you want to do that can be solved/helped with Cannon.js or another physics/“physics” library, the more sense it makes to use that. I don’t want to recommend “reinventing the wheel” for everything. Although that tends to be quite fun. :wink: