Physics Game Demo

Early demo of a 3D game, utilising ammo.js physics for collision detection


Nice! Just one thing: It seems you can glitch through the map quite easily at corner points.

2020-03-23 12.40.34


ah nice find, thanks, i haven’t seen this yet, it has a series of bugs already, main one being ammo.js running out of memory after a extended play, thanks though, ill look into it, needs a bit of love anyway, no loading screen etc

Hi ! It looks pretty good, I love your assets.
My observations regarding the physics :

  • spinning the character is too slow and frustrating, it gives the impression to brake a car.
  • alignment of the camera at the back of the character should not be that slow either, it’s frustrating.
  • jumping, on the contrary, is too fast, and does not feel natural. It’s like linear ascent then linear fall… It should be more like gravity is acting at all time, and a jump is just an initial velocity toward the top. Like real life basically.
  • about jumping again, the camera should not target the character while jumping, it’s jerky and unnecessary given the jump height, the character would not leave the field of view.

thanks, will take all into consideration for the next iteration of the demo, yeah i’ve had many problems with the jumping, like being able to stick to walls etc and also controlling the animations correctly, was considering removing it all together but would really prefer to get it working, thanks again!

also here is a link to the assets packs i was using, i do recommend using sketchfab for threejs examples / games, i think a lot were first intended for unity projects but they work very well in threejs…