Tutorial on JavaScript Physics Using AmmoJS and ThreeJS

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Just wanted to share a tutorial I wrote on medium about JavaScript 3D physics. Its more like an introductory tutorial using Ammo.js and threejs.

I hope someone finds it helpful :smiley:

Intro to JavaScript 3D Physics using Ammo.js and Three.js

Still in the same spirit, a follow up article has been published :grin:

Moving Objects In JavaScript 3D Physics using Ammo.js and Three.js

Another Update
Third article; based on collision detection :wink:

Collision Detection In Javascript 3D Physics using Ammo.js and Three.js


Nice tutorial :grin:

BTW the grammarly extension will help you catch basic grammar mistakes in your article.


Thanks :smile:

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Updated to include link to follow up article

is ammo.js best physics engine ?

I can’t really say. But I do know that Bullet Physics, it’s parent, is widely used.


Think of it like this. Ammo.js to, say, Phys.js is what Fighter Jet is to a paper airplane. If you need a fully featured physics engine - there’s just no competition on the market to Ammo at the moment. If you only need a subset of what a physics engine typically is - you can get excellent results with the few other decent engines on the market.


Added a new article on collision detection.

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Thanks for this tutorial, I appreciate your efforts.