Realistic browser-based solar system simulation built using Three.js

Project repo
Demo link

This is the project that motivated me to learn how to use Three.js in the first place. I had the idea for the project first and needed a way to display things on-screen in an interesting way, so I learned Three.js to make it happen.

It’s now a few months later and I’m working on making an improvement, which is to place markers on objects to point out their locations to users even if they are too small and/or far away from the camera to see. This requires projecting the positions of objects from 3D world space into 2D screen space. I’ve run into some difficulties with this, which is where this post came from. Any advice on that would be appreciated.

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Hey it looks good !
The textures are really fat though, maybe you could optimize them a bit ?

Ceres and Pluto textures are png images, for 8000x4000 pixels images with lots of colors you may have smaller files with jpg.

The pluto texture reduced to 4Mb :