Procedural Planet Generator

Here is a procedural planet generator I created with Three.js.


Great work, this is very cool! :+1:

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Can we export the 3D model on scene?

Everything is being computed within the shaders so you cannot export the geometry directly. The shader code would need to be replicated to modify the geometry outside of the GPU.

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@dandoesdev I love this!

I think it would be really cool if the planet could rotate independent of the light (as if the sun was staying in place while the planet was rotating). I spent a few hours with the code trying to figure it out, and got pretty close, but I could never seem to get bumpNormal to be transformed correctly to work with the rotated object. I tried using a normalMatrix to do the transformation, but that didn’t seem to work. Would you have any other ideas? I can send you a PR with my adjustments if it would help.

Woaaa, love this bro @dandoesdev

Very nice :slight_smile: