Roadtrain javascript game


Roadtrain is a game based on Three.js and Cannon.js.


I made it a while ago to experiment physic simulation with Javascript. Roadtrain is a complicated vehicle to make it with just coding, so I decided to simulate a real physic word with gravity, momentum and friction (Thanks to Cannon.js) then leave the roadtrain there!

Except arrow keys to turn steering to right or left there is zero game logic to control the scene, everything comes from physic word interactions!

It doesn’t have a long plot, but I guess it is interesting. Hopefully you like it.


Its a cool concept but I think it needs a little more polish to be an enjoyable game. The controls seem somewhat clunky to me.


Thanks @DolphinIQ . You right. For this one is too late but I condider it for my next projects. I realy appreciate your feedback.

It’s funny ^^ though i got stuck at the spinning planets

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