My Racing Game - Cannon physics

Based off Sketchbook. Two tracks to try. The setup is for the car, but at some point need to adjust that per track. AI needs work for sure.
Try it here


Hello! I have got 12 fps

rad! car physics feel solid. would be sick multiplayer…

I get it that this is still in development but the wait time is big and when I click on “debug fps” the browser downloads a "scene.gltf"?

Edit: Got to load the game. Seems fun and nice. I’d like to play this game when it is done.

Thanks for feedback.
12fps is really slow, I am at 60fps avg.
Thanks, yeah I would like to get multiplayer. I have looked at some code around that. Might ditch AI, and just go for multiplayer.
debug fps - oops, yeah that is basically the scene that I can load up into Blender and use for debugging purposes. I build the track dynamically, all geo. I forgot to remove that. I’ll look into the load times, its fast for me, but I’ve got a pretty fast connection.

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