First Car Shooter (FCS)

Another multiplayer demo written in ThreeJS, CannonJS and SocketIO.

It’s an experiment with

  • spherical gravity (sorry flat earthers)
  • some CannonJS physics calculated server side, everything else calculated client side
  • uses CANNON.Trimesh for ground topography
  • multiplayer using SocketIO
  • sfx with THREE.AudioListener

Playable Demo :
GitHub :

  • Drive: WASD
  • Brakes: SPACE
  • Look: MOUSE
  • Shoot: Left Mouse Click
  • Respawn : R (useful if your wheel gets stuck in the ground)


  • 10 points for shooting moons back into orbit
  • 100 points for shooting other players to pieces

I still have many issues, but demoing it anyway. Sorry no mobile version.

Its licensed MIT so no warranties of it working or being fit for any particular purpose etc. So good luck if it works for you.


Good. But 30 fps

I’m getting 60fps on most of my tests, except for MacOSX (Chrome browser), I get ~ 40

Its not a good demo if your getting less than 60fps.

Also, the socket server is in Amsterdam, so latency is also to be expected the further away you are.