Im new and need your help old friends

Hello world,

first of all my english is not the best so i hope u will understand the question.
i am new and i need to figure out how works. i started to type down a Box in but i cant see the box and dont know how to design so… it doesnt visualize while im coding. im working similiar on a youtube video but i dont know the rules here if i have the premission to share a link like youtube.

do you guys know what i have to write or to do in to visualize the box while i code it ? i refreshed the site many times and tried to figure out the reactDom. / creatRoot “thing” but couldnt find a way.

Thanks in advance. and sry that i havent correct the misspeling


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Hi! Need link to your example in

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Hi Chaser_Code. how do i share? :sweat_smile:

Create account in upload project, save and paste link here. Or just copy code here or upload archive.

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the box is in the components folder :slight_smile:

I dont know how to use react. It too hard.

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is it possible on another way to visualize the box. how do i continue now ? do i have to compile or something like that ?

this uses an ancient threejs, r77, i believe that one didn’t even have modules. i would update it. fiber doesn’t depend on a specific version and you can pick the one you want, but going 6 years back, that it compiles at all is a wonder.

a box in react + three is no more than this:

  <boxGeometry />

edit: just clicked “update” in your sandbox and it worked, i see a box now

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Wow okay. :slight_smile:

Thank you all and in front of drcmda. I will try to figure out my failure. big thanks for you share with the boxes.

i would like to ask what u mean with the update on the sandbox. i updated actually everything . where did you clicked master drcmda :face_with_monocle:

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 14.07.35

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Now i understood. Thanks !