React-three-fiber reactjs

hi i wanted to ask i wanted to create a template like the mainpage here using reactjs.

but im a newbie. can someone guide me what are the process i needed do. as of now i already install thr react-three-fiber and also three.

i think this has more to do with writing a shader than with both threejs and react. you would implement a shader in fiber in the same way you do it in three. i know nothing that looks exactly like that, maybe this one Pixel Distortion Effect with Three.js | Codrops

hello this one is there any sample that most likely to reactjs? cause im a newbie i tried to put the code in my reactjs project but got error

shaders are in its own language, glsl, that’s where 90% of the implementation lies. the rest is just threejs and dom glue code. it can be hard to untangle these huge vanilla oop projects because the code forms a single clump. if you need something to practice try picking something less threatening first: and then step up.


okayy, but is there anyway to convert this threejs code three.js examples into reactjs code? sorry yeah a really bit new

thats just a regular THREE.Points Point cloud - CodeSandbox raycasting is inbuilt into fiber so you only have to figure out how they calculated the positions