Three.JS To React Three Fiber

I Found an amazing carousel that is coded with three js but i want to use it inside react app so i can switch the images to 3d models easily with gltfjsx library and use some more animations for the background but i am not sure how can i achieve this , i am trying but i cannot figure out how to make this possible , please if someone can convert this into react-three/fiber that will be helpful :pray:

isnโ€™t this just a shader? it will work 1:1 the same, fiber is just threejs.

itโ€™s not really comparable but this is a shader that gl-transitions two images Shadermaterials - CodeSandbox

yea but i am not totally sure how can i implement that logic inside a react carousel that can trigger the animation when the carousel image change , my idea was doing a 3d model carousel that when the user move to right it trigger the shader animation to the 3d model itself for like 1 second or so