Mine-craft.io - Full featured top-down Minecraft game in Web browser

I love Minecraft and I am glad to present you my project.
This is a top-down game in the style of Minecraft.
I implemented almost all the features from the original game.

I want to show all the power Three.js can give.
I use Instanced Rendering to draw blocks, box2d for physics.
It works really fast!

Worlds are always unique and are generated using Perlin Noise.
There are Nether, End and Caves worlds.
For better looks, turn on Shadows and Lighting in Settings.

Link: https://mine-craft.io

In the game you can create your own world and play there with friends.
Do not be shy and go play :slight_smile:

The spawn area:

Each block is an instanced entity:

Some guy building his own house:

Sand beach generated by Perlin Noise:

The Nether:


This looks interesting, i personally would prefer a 3D view though :cat: Performance seems to be a bit of an issue. Minecraft uses marching cubes to only contour the visible sides of blocks, do you use any mechanism like chunks or just one instanced geometry for the entire map?


Yes, we use chunks of 128 entities.
This number was found out empirically, the FPS is higher than anything at this value.
Grouping is done by the name of the texture.
Chunks are created and released dynamically during the game.

Is it possible if you can get like a little sentence down with prefix if you can put forgot password?