Chunk generation Minecraft like

i’m trying to make a generation of chunks like on minecraft, but i don’t know how to do it, can someone help me please

This question is a bit too broad and unspecific. Do you generate one chunk yet? I assume your question is how to manage the chunks rather than generating (take a look at the minecraft example)

To manage them you can work with a simple raster coordinate system what i guess minecraft does work with too. But it is unclear where you’re stuck at and unclear what you expect for help.

I would like to make a generation of the world like on minecraft with a generation of chunks to optimize performance

Im afraid but that still doesn’t clarify on what you’re stuck at ^^

You might as well create a job offer in the job category in case you expect a full solution. But there also might be open source libs floating around the web as there are plenty MC clones made with js.

I don’t know how to explain it better, I see if there are libraries or guides on how to do what I want, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Take a look at this guide - may be a good starting point.
As @Fyrestar mentioned, it’d be good if you tried random solutions, made some errors, and came with specific questions - it’s really hard to answer “how to make minecraft” since it’s a complex game (especially with chunk optimizations, which is the last thing you may want to worry about.)

yes I have already seen that guide but the code is too complex for mm, since I am still learning three.js and what I wanted was not this, but a gradual generation of the world through chunks

I don’t want to discourage you, but if this code is too complex you won’t push much further, unless you take some time to learn it first. Minecraft world consists of chunks - chunks consist of voxels. Chunks are basically just … voxels of smaller voxels (also sometimes with additional properties.)

There’s no skipping voxels - pretty much everything from top to bottom in Minecraft, except for the interface, works thanks to voxels and that kind of math like in the guide above.


oh okay i will try to understand it thanks :slight_smile:

the thing that i dont understand is the euclideanmodulo, what is it for?

Well, I had to check it myself - if that’d make you feel a bit better about not knowing instantly what some code / math does :’)

You can find it here.

For what I understand, it determines the chunk (aka. “cell”) in which given voxel is placed - but I can’t promise, I didn’t go through the entire guide.

okay, thank you very much for your patience, I really hope to be able to understand the code, also because I have almost no experience at all

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No problem. In general, just ignore the math if you can’t understand it right away, read on and maybe it becomes clear later. Reading someone else’s code isn’t easy.

okok thanks again :smiley: