Grass experiment. [injected meshstandardmaterial, noise textures, clump instancing]

I made some grass maaaan!
You can change params in options… and drag the character around and it will distort the grass a bit…


So tall, must be GMO! :slight_smile:


With the default height it looks correct, it’s the character that is small.
I would like the option to increase the amount too (+ the land area), to see the limits of my gfx card.

Also, you could try to use a wind too, as the grass tends to behave like sea waves when there is a wind, rather than just noise - at least intermittently…

BTW, I’,m not sure how this happened:

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Really cool!

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Great feedback :slight_smile: thanks! I added a slider to increase grass count… it was at 1000 tufts… now you can go up to 30000
There is wind… it’s the force slider…

the turbulence is the frequency of a scrolling noise texture and the burble is the scrolling speed…
I also fixed some bad geometry in the tufts and that improved it a bit…

Still not sure how im going to do the larger terrains but I’ll let ya know if/when I do :). Cheers!

The overlapping physics ui is because i smooshed a different ui panel into the gui controls… badly.

Still handled by my low-mid end GTX1650 4GB

I meant something like this - applied subtly it would give naturalness to grass motion:

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