Three.js Discourse Categories

Hello All,
Please use this thread for category suggestions. Remember, discourse can have nested categories.

Cool, so what’s the general idea here? Discussion of features we’d like to see? Long-running issues we’d like to see addressed? General help topics?

While there have been some suggestions on how to organize a forum with different topics, I’d like to see how such categories can emerge from a necessity as new users start coming on board. In general, github issues are meant for feature requests and bug reports, so this discourse is for general discussion, questions, and maybe to have people test out different projects.

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Hi there

Here’s some suggestions for categories:

  • Questions
  • Discussion
  • Showcase
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That’s a good start!

Nice! Thanks for setting up this forum.

I like all of the above so far here are some more that haven’t been mentioned

  • game dev
  • shaders
  • performance
  • plugins/addons
  • editors

Would be great! Also, particles and animations lessons would be nice.

I’ve also enabled post tags. Maybe we could use tags as a way for people to start advocating for certain categories. If we get a lot of posts with a certain tag, maybe we can ‘graduate’ it to a category?

@CaramelCode, definitely game dev :wink:


  • tutorials
  • demos
  • first steps
  • events
  • announcements
  • jobs offers
  • Tips/HOWTOs/Examples
  • Questions
  • Showcase
  • Dreams
  • News
  • Random

That’s great, however, I really want this site to look good, so can I rename/create some categories that use Capital Letters in the title?

I think we both agree that:

We need a Welcome Category.
We need a Example/Tutorial Category.
We need a Bugs/Questions Category

Because Everybody will use these (besides the examples/tutorials, but that directly relates to the bugs, and lets people easily find the right example/tutorial)

These can be the first three!
If it’s fine with you of course!

Don’t the categories already have capital letters?
Discussion, Site Feedback, Questions, Resources?

Can this go under Discussion, or are you referring to a ‘getting started’ kind of thing? If the latter, I would vote for that to go into Resources.



p.s. categories are shown in a few places:

Great! I just wanted to mention some things above I would leave out a couple of vague suggestions (from the above posts):

Particles and Animations: This is a category suggestions posting. That is too specific. Extremely.
Shaders: This is a category suggestions posting. That is too specific. Not as specific as above, but still.
plugins/addons-editors: Should be together, but not bad.

How much do we want to take over from Stackoverflow here? There is already a huge bank of three.js related questions there (albeit some very out of date), and it has a possibly better format than here for asking specific coding questions.

There are a couple of areas that I see falling through the cracks between stackoverflow and github issues at the moment, these need to be addressed here:

  • Working with other applications (importing and exporting assets). Possibly the most important area lacking any kind of guidelines or documentation at the moment. Perhaps we should have one parent category and then a sub category for each application?

  • Working with other frameworks Using three.js with other js frameworks such as Reach, GSAP, jQuery etc. Again, perhaps one sub category per framework - depending on how the menu works with multiple layers of categories. Also here, or seperately, should go discussion of other frameworks / applications that use three.js - Whitestorm.js, A-Frame, and any others.

  • Less formal / beginner help stackoverflow has very formal requirements for asking for help. This place will be good for beginner friendly / informal questions.

With regards to actual help questions, I think these subcategories would be useful:

  • Questions related to the three.js core

  • Usage of three.js “examples” - i.e. how to use postprocessing / controls / PMREM and so on.

  • GLSL - i.e. how to use ShaderMaterial and RawShaderMaterial

  • WebGL

All of the above would come under the focus of development, with a second focus of community building - categories such as News, General Discussion, Showcase, Tutorials, Site Feedback and anything else.

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We’ve activated tags, so that users that post can basically decide which “category” their post will be in. We will later take the most popular tags and create categories for them.

We don’t specifically want to take anything from Stackoverflow. We are just here as the main questioning central from people who have actually developed for Three.js. We are the workforce, and therefore, people will want to use us eventually, because Stackoverflow has so many outdated tutorials, and things like that. People will come here when the code on Stackoverflow doesn’t work. And some will come directly here. It’s a matter of preference.

Technically, they do have a better interface for asking questions. But we have a code interface, just like stackoverflow. We already have Codepen embeds, and now we’re just working on getting JSFiddle to embed. We don’t have a worse system than Stackoverflow. There both very similar, it’s just that people are used to stackoverflow, but not for long :slight_smile:

This is not exactly the point of a forum. There are plenty of tutorials on

This are already available:

First Steps:
That’s called “Tutorial #1” or “Tutorial: Getting Started”.

Job Offers:
This is definitely not the point of a forum, and is take care of by

Resources is a fine place to link to tutorials.
Job offers/portfolios might be fine depending on what the community thinks.

Sure, but remember, this is category suggestion, not where to post what. The simple truth is, these do not need to be categories. This is such a big knot to untie, and we have no community basically! So all the talk of a community on here when we basically have 42 users total. About 7 of which are active enough… Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think we need some more invitations to come here, rather than just a link on a webpage. When people ask for help, we need to send them here. When people want to converse with veterans, we need to link them here. We need people out there trying to spread the word.