Fast rendering of the model

Hello, how can three solve the problem of fast rendering of too many obj model faces (about 3 million triangles)

Seems quite similar to the last question you asked, both in terms of content and the lack of effort / detail.

I’m considering starting to delete these low effort questions, as they are coming up a lot recently and not adding much to the forum. Perhaps if we are stricter about question content it will inspire people to put more effort in.


When did fast rendering become a problem? Do you need to slow it down?

I vote with all my hands for this.

And it isn’t just THREE or WebGL but also the bare individual hardware limits, when people only talk about millions of polygons…

I join with all hooves.


That reminds me of something:


Hah, yeah :smiley:

That reminds me of something:

Yeah, I thought of that. The thing is, I don’t want to go the StackOverflow route either - I mean, I’ve been a member of SO for about 3 years and I can’t even leave a comment since I don’t have enough reputation, so I have no incentive to get involved in any discussion there.

This site should be much more beginner friendly, but at the same time discourage users who are posting low effort questions. Any suggestions on how to do this are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


We are pretty limited for doing any technically changes in discourse i suppose, but i think deleting posts like these would be ok, as well as those one liners which just demand people to guide.

I don’t think you can move posts in discourse. I wish we would have moved to the phpBB forum i’ve already setup, a drupal solution or literally any real forum or community system that isn’t a shared platform.

In a board software that starts with the board view (category and latest topics) you can easily manage and separate things, here i never use the pseudo categories / tag stuff, i always (and maybe most) just look at latest. You see everything, but every reply and even edit makes it pop to the top again, just like i will do now when i post this reply.

So here it comes… bump :hugs:

We are pretty limited for doing any technically changes in discourse i suppose

Currently, yes, since we are using free hosting. We also can’t install any plugins.

I don’t think you can move posts in discourse.

You mean migrate to a different forum system? No, it looks like there are lots of importers to discourse, but no exporters. So we are stuck with this system. It’s not all bad though, it’s fast and has good spam/user moderation facilities.

I think a lot of issues would be solved if we self-host - there are a lot of plugins that would solve at least some of our problems.

It looks like this would be very cheap on AWS or Google Cloud (maybe ~$5 a month), although it would be a bit of work to set up (and mailing might be an extra cost). We should be able to migrate from here to our own self-hosted system seamlessly. There might be other free hosting options too, basically we can use anywhere that supports Docker images.

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You probably know this site already

A platform like this would be already lightyears better than discourse in my opinion, even though it’s just wordpress with a community plugin. They actually only pay attention for Babylon, THREE is only mentioned in a subcategory about 3D.

Even if they would have an actual THREE category, the platform isn’t THREE dedicated and targets designers and game developers only, those who want to shoot out games as much as possible to monetize them, so they only list libraries which come with a full integrated engine package.

THREE definetly needs a platform where people can also upload packages in a categorized “store” thingy you can also add pictures, with a fancy modern design. That makes publishing code/resources more worthy (instead posts here which will drop into the dark). And it gives people a much better impression of THREE, as looking at Github or here everything is just like a blank continuos issue stream. Besides the packages themselves receiving better support, it also pushes the popularity of THREE.

Beginners will always look at what it offers, no one would just browse through this tag based forum, the first thing people probably will look at are the examples at, but these are manually picked and aren’t complete out-of-box systems which are randomly distributed at Github and other sites. (like a library for a platformer, for a complete particle system with editor etc.) They want to see if it offers a complete stack to develop a app or game with a big community with lots of ready-to-iuse things.

I mean everyone could setup this kind of platform, but if it doesn’t go a official route, it’s likely that it will just stay in the dark.

Edit: i noticed this went slightly off topic :blush:

I disagree, as I did last time you (I think) brought up the idea of an official three.js marketplace.

This forum is supposed to be primarily a question and discussion place with a strong focus on technical aspects of using three.js, and while it could do with a couple more features I don’t think we need anything like the complexity html5gamedevs.

We chose discourse because it was essentially effortless to set up and maintain (aside from moderation), whereas any more complex forum would be quite a bit of work.


Yes but the extra work would be up to those who maintain it. I mean discourse isn’t nice for any kind of discussion, since this is nothing else then Github issues but with tags, like i said, a blank stream of issues and nothing that will look attractive to beginners but

I wasn’t talking about a marketplace now, it should be a categorized (not just tags) “store” where you can just upload packages / link to github repos with description, maybe ratings and some nice pictures. Super simple, but super effective.

You’re too kind with your thoughts about people. :slight_smile: So far, what see here and at SO (especially at SO), that people look for information anywhere and everywhere, except official examples and documentation at, posting questions with examples of code, outdated for years.

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I only mean probably. If you look for a engine, why would you start to read issues instead testing actual examples of it? When i choosed THREE i’ve found Babylon, THREE and another one i forgot the name, and the first thing i did was to compare them by looking at what they offer, see how active and big the community is, and played around with the examples. And that’s how i learned THREE then, by doing.

Would you start by reading issues and only reading the docs?

Yes but the extra work would be up to those who maintain it

Who would those people be exactly?

Those who offer it. Some people did, including me when i’ve opened the issue on github. But i wouldn’t offer it anymore when there are only replies of disagreements, of course. The “asset depot” idea was just another suggestion.

Yep, the same. Also the method of trials and errors :slight_smile: I don’t argue, just wanted to complain about SO (possibly, influence of pailhead :smile:)

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Those who offer it.

The problem is, that with an open source project people can easily offer and then get involved with other things and disappear. For example, we have 5 moderators on this site, who were enthusiastic to join when we set it up. However looking through the logs only me and @mrdoob have actually done any moderation. The others have since probably found other exciting things to work on.

Since this is a small community and hosting is taken care of professionally and for free, that hasn’t been an issue. But for a more complex forum, and especially if we were self hosting, it could easily become a problem. Setting up and maintaining the hosting for even a small site is quite a bit of work.

The examples of THREE are awesome, better than those Babylon offers (and more probably) in my opinion. But i also would want to know how do i create a platformer game, how to solve collisions or things not offered by the core. These things exist, but aren’t integrated in the site or only mentioned randomly like at SO you have to search for, with dead links and thanks no. In a asset depot people could simply add everything with nice categories.

A lot questions also refer to it, like “does THREE offer a drag and drop or click event system”. Maybe not in-built, but there are several solutions in the wild.

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I wouldn’t offer it (even serveral times now) if i wouldn’t be serious about it. It’s up to the core members like you and mrdoob to decide if you trust me or others to handle it. I’m motivated for intensively working with THREE since about 3 years almost day by day. But it sure shouldn’t be only one person maintaining / hosting it.

On the other hand, hosting such a site with a well maintained framework isn’t much work. The most work goes into setting it up, fine tuning things over the next days/weeks/months and keeping things up-to-date, maybe solve some issues that can occur here and there. I wouldn’t host and maintain it alone, i can’t be there around the clock, and it wouldn’t be reasonable to make it dependent on one person alone.

I don’t basically disaggree with the service of discourse… free of costs and maintenance of the system itself. But a very plain empty looking tag based forum. I only would use it for a smaller project internally. But maybe some day more people agree with it.