A separate questions section in the forum?

For some time now, the three.js forum has been flooded with questions relating specifically to R3F. There are also a large number of answers to general questions that only offer a solution specifically with R3F. It seems to me that there is no separate forum for this framework. Or am I wrong?

Since not all users here use R3F, it is time-consuming for them to hide related questions and answers from the constantly incoming posts. Some questioners explicitly specify tags such as r3f, react, react-three-fiber, react-three, react-threedrei, react-native, but by no means all of them.

Typical question with tag geometry
Is there any way to add a semi-opaque background to the text element from react three drei? … that can achieve this easier (There didn’t seem to be any in the docs).”

I realize that a number of users rely on R3F and it would not be a solution to somehow exclude this area here.

Is there a possibility in the administration of the forum software to create another category for R3F besides Questions, … ? For example R3F- Questions?

An automatic processing that moves all previous questions with the relevant tags into this category would then be extremely convenient for older posts.

What is your opinion?

Is this a possibility or are there other options?


Im worried that this will become unwieldy when someone makes a svelte-three, vue-three, next-framework-three etc.

There’s something to that, but these other things haven’t come up on a massive scale here yet. It is only this massing that is a problem.

But then maybe a category that means “three.js combined with other frameworks”. :thinking:

You can then use keywords such as R3F, Svelte etc.

I used to say “Where is the three.js code here?” when people posted JSX. I think that still may be a valid approach.

The three.js Discord server has separate channels for vanilla three.js and R3F-related support already. I don’t feel strongly about whether that’s beneficial or not, but it doesn’t seem to be causing problems in any case.

If React had its examples page (similar to https://threejs.org/) and its own forum, these specific questions would be resolved there.
And anyone interested in learning by example would have a better opportunity to take advantage of React.

R3F directs people to their Discord server for support. Still, lots of R3F users end up in the official three.js Discord server with questions, and (as far as I can tell) questions usually get responses in either location.

I’m not sure that R3F adding a forum would prevent R3F users from ending up here, as it hasn’t happened in the Discord servers, and I’m not necessarily sure that’s a goal we should have either. I feel like these users’ questions overlap more than they differ. But certainly if a question is going deep into React-specific stuff, and isn’t getting a useful response here, we should feel free to make sure people know about the R3F Discord server.

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since i am kind of to blame for this, please hear me out, try to see it from another perspective.

react three fiber is threejs with functional composition, they are threejs devs using threejs. if they struggle with this or that aspect that concerns threejs, naturally they come here.

purely react related questions, or even eco system concerns (drei etc) are out of place. i don’t think this must be tolerated. pmndrs has a discord, react related things should be discussed there. we are actively discouraging people to bug this place with react stuff. usually these posts sink down quick, i do answer them because i dislike to let them down but maybe i shouldn’t.

i would ask for this

  • kindness and acceptance overall, react + three makes up roughly 1/3 of threes user base, and growing, it is better to be welcoming
  • allow them to state their threejs concerns, even if expressed in a different syntax, try to help, ignore if you can’t, lead the way if it’s out of place or let it sink
  • fiber solves and has solved countless of real and longstanding issues and hard use cases that are of valid concern to all of threejs. it is a problem solver, and a driver for innovation. if someone looks for a solution and it exists in drei et al, it should not be hidden from sight. pmndrs maintains vanilla libraries, funds vanilla devs, brings attention to their libraries and drives install numbers and usage, gives back where it can (vanilla-drei, …) and is 100% open source. if that cannot have a place here, and everywhere three is represented it would be sad.

and to conclude, consider how threejs and the whole community benefits from the surge of web devs, artists and designers, and the fresh perspectives and artistry they bring. as well as the surge in jobs, assets and resources.


Don’t worry, everyone. No one will get flooded. At the pace AI is growing, this forum will be obsolete. I’ll give it 5 years, max.

A discussion like this quickly escalates in all sorts of directions.

The basis was whether the more or less different things could be better “sorted” in order to make the work clearer and therefore more efficient for all the very different users of this forum.

I do not know much, but many times, I’m one of those who have now resorted to asking for “three.js” based solutions here because it’s kind of difficult to locate the line between r3f and just three.js here. The idea by @drcmda to politely be welcoming and at times redirect openly is well-rooted and effective. At the same time, the need (expressed by @hofk) to sort things “better” is proving to be a need.