Can vanilla javascript do anything as the R3F can do with different kinds of Virtual DOM styling or whatsoever?

So I want to know if really R3F Can do the same as vanilla javascript? or vice-versa? I’m scared to dive in R3F knowing that R3F doesn’t support some information or documentation that three.js have…because I saw some post here that R3F doesn’t have fully functional that similar to full documentation in THREEJS.

Don’t worry about the R3F documentation. I already know where that site is… I just want to know if I will be full satisfied with R3F. Thanks for any response. I want also a senseable response thanks :slight_smile: .

think of fiber as a complement, it gives you a way to structure code, and an eco system.

because it is a renderer, not a wrapper, it has no regressions and isn’t dependent on threes update cycle. everything that’s possible in three is possible in fiber. if threejs comes out with a new feature tomorrow, the feature will work in fiber. our maintenance effort revolves around features on top (pointer events etc).

recently mrdoob gave a quick rundown, i found this quite hilarious:

so … somehow … all this [code] is all you need to have this scene [:smile:]

components enable structure > structure enables re-use > re-use enables sharing > sharing enables an eco system > an eco system enables you to easily compose an application.

i hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for creation @mrdoob. Really appreciated this wonderful new technology 3D website.

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