Large model data loading

Three loads large obj+mtl model browsers collapsed, how to deal with the load problem of big data model?

The simple answer is “Deal with it”. :slight_smile:
But, if you share more information about, for example, the size of files or/and platform, OS(es), browser(s) you use, then maybe people could help you. So far, your question sounds like “I’ve got a problem. Use your telepathic skills to solve it for me”.

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@prisoner849 I’ve asked the OP several times to put more detail into their questions, stop posting duplicate questions etc… I don’t think they are listening.


Obviously, that the reason of such misunderstanding is translation software. :wink:

It’s weird, those people with unclear one liner questions. I even received a message from someone with the order to look into a thread and give an answer, like i get paid for it. :joy:

:joy: I had the same thing.

Short answer would be, simplify the model. Could try decimating it, merging meshes, reducing size of textures… can’t say what the problem is without seeing the model.


First thing of all it would suggest, is to use a binary format.