3D Loading Issue

I am new to threejs and I have some observations regarding 3D model loading. I have an application having 2 pages. On one page I am loading the MTL/OBJ using threejs(THREE.WebGLRenderer) but it takes time to load and render the 3D while on the other page I am using the SketchFab plugin for loading and rendering the same model and here it takes a few seconds to load and render the same model.
I am not sure how they are doing but I wanted to achieve the same. Can anyone help to understand how this is possible? Any reference article to follow or they are using some specific technique or so. Please guide me.

Anyone who can guide me on this or help me?

Do you mind sharing the OBJ/MTL assets in this topic?


Maybe into sketchfab is not obj format. Its glb or other

When I understand the OP correctly, the SketchFab plugin loads the OBJ/MTL asset as well. Just the parsing and first render are faster.

The OBJ asset is around 792 MB big. I’m always curious when devs try to load assets with hundreds of MB in size. Will your app be used within an intranet? Or are users supposed to download such large assets over the internet?

OBJLoader is not optimized for these kind of file sizes. TBH, I wasn’t able to load the file in the editor nor by loading it into the webgl_loader_obj example. It’s probably too big (in both cases the response text is empty).

Any chances to simplify the file? Also be aware that you are loading a point cloud and the respective texture is not compatible with how points are rendered in three.js. Textures can only be displayed on the entire point, it’s not possible to sample specific parts of a global texture via texture coordinates like meshes do.