Welcome to the three.js community discourse!

This platform is here to facilitate discussion on various topics related to the three.js JavaScript library for authoring 3d content. This is a place for experienced and inexperienced users of the library to exchange knowledge and help to grow the capabilities of three.js and its community.

This forum is organized in the following manner:

  • Questions - The best place on the internet to get technical three.js questions answered
  • Discussion - General discussion and chitchat related to three.js
  • Resources - Post any interesting resources like tutorials, models, code, shaders, etc.
  • Showcase - Look for feedback on something you made? Post it here!
  • Jobs - looking for a three.js expert? Post you job here
  • Events - the place to advertise your three.js related meetup or conference
  • Site Feedback - if you have any questions or suggestions for the mod team, post them here

three.js has many existing channels of communication:

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