Might is Right, the game

Hey guys,

I’m happy to share my release of Might is Right, a game I was working on for the past 4 years. It would not have been possible without three.js. It’s a turn-based strategy game with a deep progression system.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, so let me know what you think!

The engine that I wrote for this game has been open-sourced under MIT license, please feel free to use it as you see fit.


Cool! Reminds me a bit at Heroes of Might and Magic :blush:

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Wow, nice! Looking forward to checking this out :grin:

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Storm of applause! :+1:


I confess, that was one of the inspirations. As well as disciples series, the game designer on the project is a huge fan, he made a custom map some 15 years ago and has been polishing it slowly as he played on it with his friends; over 10 years or so it became an incredible experience, that was the key idea behind why we started it in the first place.


Crazy work ! I played until the battle with Godspeed (sorry I don’t have more time just now). It’s really nice and runs smoothly on Opera with my middle-range computer.

It feels awkward to give advises to someone like you, but everybody need feedback at some point, so here are the problems I noticed :

  • Texts are generally too long. I know you think that the player needs all these informations, and they do, but some are more important than others, and if they skip reading they will miss more info than if your explanations are short. Also you tend to tell instead to show, some infos can be visual.
  • Explanations not gradual enough. I felt overwhelmed by all this text before even to start playing… I know that if I had come to the game through an ad, or absent-mindedly, I would have quit because I felt bored. Look at Dofus, you are given some very short explanations, then you’re dropped in the game for a minute or two, then more explanations are given, step by step. It makes more sense, don’t forget it’s a game, people must never stop being entertained, especially when they didn’t yet decide if the game is worth their time.
  • About entertaining, I found that passed the first battle, the game should be harder. When I arrived to the house of Godspeed, I felt like arriving at the Pokemon arena, but I was disappointed by the simplicity. People must be challenged, that’s the point of a game, it’s OK to fail sometimes, it gives a thrill.
  • Somehow the contents of the chests are not interesting enough. It could be a better engine to push people continue playing. Maybe some equipment that would be visible on the character ? Or some incredibly powerful stuff ? I mean it must really make a noticeable difference once you got your reward.
  • Fonts could be better, especially on home screen (title + “play”), and the loading page is not nice but I guess you’re working on that.
  • When one click on “next turn” (I mean the day/night) icon, sometimes an info panel pop on the bottom of “turn X” on the center of the screen, and we cannot read it. Could be a good idea to delay the popping of the panel, or put it on the top of “turn X” (which is not that important anyway).

I tell you all this because you asked for feedback, but really it’s already very impressive.

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Thanks @fancyrainbow, I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

  • I agree about the text, we had a few iterations on it already, but I felt it’s still too long, thanks for the confirmation!

  • The first 2 fights are deliberately super easy, to make sure you have a safe environment to experiment, but I get your point about the challenge, they are not challenging at all :slight_smile:

  • I hear you about the chests, we got a few ideas, but nothing short term sadly.

  • If you can explain a bit about the fonts not being nice, I’d appreciate it, I’m just not really sure what is lacking, I think my sense of aesthetics is not great when it comes to fonts :slight_smile:

  • About the day/night switch and notifications - thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

it’s very useful stuff, thanks for taking the time to write it!

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I think this project deserves a place at the start page of three.js (section featured projects) :+1:


Hah, that would be amazing! Do you know whom I might contact for that? :slight_smile:

I believe @mrdoob checks out the topics with the Showcase label from time to time. If you click on submit project on the homepage, you are redirected to: https://discourse.threejs.org/c/showcase


Have a look HERE for the title font, you can take a fancy one, like this one.
For your text, including buttons, choose one more readable and use only this one. Look among the basic sans serif HERE. The problem about your current font is the serif, it makes it looks like a newspaper font, it doesn’t fit.

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Thank you!

Wow this is amazing man!

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I tried to replace the button font, but it breaks the aesthetic, can’t find anything better so far :slight_smile:

Alternative Button Fonts


here are some alternatives:
same font, bold and a bit more spaced out:

Lemon Milk (basic sans serif):


For title, I got some good ideas! :slight_smile:

Some Alternatives to title fonts



Flesh Wound


Black Castle

Morris Roman

For the title I personally prefer Seagram.
For the buttons, you’re right, basic doesn’t fit. And Seagram is not readable enough.
The original font bolder and spaced out is not too bad after all. Or you could try another Gothic-like but more readable and softer, like THIS or THIS or THIS ? Though you cannot use these for your general text.

They look super nice, I love those tongue in cheek phrases like “The wild breath of zelda” and “World of lifecraft”, reminds me of my old pair of trainers called “Mike” and my old sports jacket “Abibas” :slight_smile:

I had a chance to play with this for a bit, it’s a lot of fun. Also, my internet was having all kinds of problems yesterday and even with less than 1mbit internet it worked OK. Sometimes it was a bit annoying waiting for textures to download since layout jumped around a bit, but otherwise very smooth! :+1:

Regarding gameplay, I didn’t mind the length of the text. My overall impression of playability is positive. The control system is simple and intuitive. On the negative side, I did find the battle system a bit simplistic and too easy. Pretty soon I found myself just clicking the skip battle button to get through battles, so perhaps that’s something that could be worked on for a future update.

Great job overall, nice to see a full game made with three.js!


thanks for checking out the game! It’s a bit of a conundrum for me, I tried to make the early game easy, and first 2 obligatory battles are tweaked heavily in the favor of the player, you fight only 1 unit that has -80% damage debuff. The idea is to get the player familiar with controls in a safe environment. Because of that, for someone who knows what they are doing - those fights are a bore. I’m not sure there is a sweet spot there, but I have increased the difficulty somewhat by reducing the debuff strength and starting the player off with 2 units instead of 3.

I’ll push the update out a bit later, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome! Definitely a big step for games in the browser. Performs pretty well on my mediocre laptop.
Some issues I have found are:

  1. In battle, stats of units on the lower rows seem to be covered by the portraits. Possibly its due to my low 700px screen height, but still :slight_smile:
  2. The stats themselves are sometimes hard to see. Some letters/characters seem to overlap.
  3. When there are a lot of units in battle, their portraits are hidden. I tried to scroll through them, but Im not entirely sure if its possible.
  4. My console prints 500+ warnings as well as many other stuff intended for debugging, which might be affecting performance.

As far as gameplay goes, I think it would make sense to introduce a [full screen] button for full immersion :slight_smile: , either directly or in the options. When in fullscreen mode, there could be scrolling through the map by pointing the mouse near the edges. It feels intuitive in these kinds of games.
I cant say much about combat, as Im still only at the beginning stages, with no new abilities unlocked, but I feel like animations could be more expressive :sweat_smile:

Overall, it looks really good, very inspiring. Cant wait to see more features :hugs:

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