Placing animated character feet onto the ground

I’ve been having issue with floating feet in my game for a long while, so I figured I’d try adding inverse kinematics and blending it with the animation to place character’s feet onto the ground. Here’s a small video of the working solution.

The solution is not only for feet, it will work on any 3 bones using 1 bone as an effector to be placed and adjusting rotation of 2 ancestor bones to achieve that placement. There’s a bit of a fudge factor which controls blending so that feet are not just glued to the ground and can come off. Pretty happy with the result.

Anyone else has any experience with IK?


It’s fun to see these adjustments in realtime. :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to try out GitHub - jsantell/THREE.IK: inverse kinematics for three.js for a while, but haven’t yet.

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I wanted to check something like that out too, I’ve had my eyes on FABRIK also. IK just looks like magic to me, even after having worked with it for a while :slight_smile:

What I did here is heavily based on an article by Daniel Holden:

It’s a simple idea, I saw it mentioned first in a GDC presentation about overgrowth: Animation Bootcamp: An Indie Approach to Procedural Animation - YouTube

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