Airdancer animation (featuring: skeleton, skinned mesh and animation clip )

Hello everyone,
Here is my first stand-alone project I made when I learnt threejs. I came across many difficulties when trying to figure out the world of animation (completely newbie) and there are still things to improve in it.
One of the hardest thing was the lack of examples so I hope by sharing this project, some fellow threejs freshman will have a somewhat better time exploring this whole world.

Here is the airdancer online, enjoy!
and the older version on netlify
also on github :wink:

TLDR: POC project to serve as an example.

Any feedback is welcome.


This is very cool. Maybe you could add a small amount of damping/lerping when the direction changes to make it more realistic? These things do react quickly to changes in direction but it’s not instant.

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I checked your source code. The airdancer is motioned by random, Can you changed it into physique motion?

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Thanks a lot for the feedback :slight_smile: ,this is a great idea. I must add I dont come from animation or gamedev background so I appreciate these suggestions a lot.

I was thinking about that at the beginning but I figured it might be too overwhelming and then it became an obsession of mine to make it as good as possible without any physics. Although I improved since then so I might give it a go in a separate project.

I edited it, I got rid off the default “waving” on the whole body and added extra keyframes for the lerping effect (plus modified the animation weight on the spine bones so its a bit more dynamic). Any remarks @looeee ?

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It’s a lot easier on my eyes now :slight_smile:
Although I guess that’s not the point of these things haha!

It actually was more realistic in the last version, besides the lack of damping. I think the issue now is that it keeps coming back to an fully upright positions. The real one will never do this I… I think? Been a while since I saw one in real life.