Portfolio site GoodBytes.be


Hoping to one day reach the threejs.org showcase page, but feeling unworthy given the many great sites on the forums here! Anyway, here’s my site where threejs has given me tremendous joy in the creation process!

Some things you can play with on the site:

:tv: computer screen
As a shaders-beginner I wanted to implement a shader that mimics my computer screen and interacts with your mouse cursor. The shader displaces pixels the more you scroll down the page.

:balloon: balloons
Balloons are there for popping them so go ahead and click on them! I’m a beginner in Blender and after seeing a couple of those golden birthday balloon letters lingering around in my garage I wanted to re-create them in Blender, which turned out to be pretty fun and easy.

:zap: animations
All animations like the floating balloons are done with the epic GSAP library. Character and camera animations are also simple GSAP.

🧔🏾‍♀️ 3d character
For the character I first tried to scan myself with Polycam which worked great in another demo I did with shaders (check it out in the videoreel on site). For the site however, I ended up with a basic model from ReadyPlayer.me that I feel is recognizable enough for people who know me.

:movie_camera: showreel
In the video I wanted to show some examples of things I can teach you in my classes or workshops. The video includes some of my recent demo’s mixed with work students created in my classes.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!