< Our brand-new website > ohzi.io 🧊 lots of shaders and cool effects

Hi there,

this is the link https://ohzi.io

We’re about to release our new website build almost entirely with ThreeJS.

We have used A LOT of different techniques when building it and paid a lot of attention to it being mobile friendly and supported across a wide arrange of devices. I feel it could be a good example of what you could build with ThreeJS. We also feel that this is one of our goals in life, have spent the last 6 years building apps with ThreeJS, we would love to see our website at the ThreeJS showcase website.

I hope you enjoy the website as much as we have enjoyed building it. Let me know if you have comments or feedback.

spoilers !

Thanks for your time,
Juan Tibaldo


Some really cool effects here! Good work!


thanks! <3

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Very very nice!


Thank you @mrdoob :smiley: :dizzy:


Thank you all for your comments!
We’ve put A LOT of love and effort to this project and we are so proud with the result!

Since first post, we’ve made some tweaks and optimizations, and added some easter eggs too. Go find them!

Thanks again, we love working in this field and we are more than thankful with Threejs for make our lives easier.


we got the “thefwa” of the day :smiley: OHZI Interactive - The FWA


Congratulation guys for this awesome project! :partying_face:

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thank you :smiley:

Congratulations, that’s amazing! Have you done the design as well?

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I found this very cool, :slight_smile:

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thank you so much! :D, since we published our site, a lot of new clients, have shown interest in our services… which is great

Hi, sorry, I’ve just seen this.
Yes, we have a really good designer in-house :smiley: thank you