I'm happy to announce: Bowdown! My first game written entirely in three.js

It’s a free to play multiplayer archery combat game.

Check it out here -> https://bowdown.io

This has been a side project for me but I want to work on it full time and make it way better. So if you like the game consider pledging on my Kickstarter! If I don’t end up meeting my funding goal you don’t get charged. And if I do reach it then you get some kickass content in a kickass new game!


Looks very nice, good luck with the kickstarter!

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Runs pretty smooth and I love the characters’ looks! World materials are a little lacky, but I like how colorful it is. I had the pleasure to play against someone and I have to say the game is fun, but hella buggy :confused: I got stuck in trees, stones and what not.

Definitely needs polish, but has potential as well :slight_smile:
Good luck with the kickstarter

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Thanks for your feedback! Ya I really hope I can get funding because I want to work on it full time and make it so much better!