Greetings all. Quick introduction and a share of a project



Hello all. I wanted to thank this awesome community for three.js. My background is in chemical engineering but my hobby is programming. I’ve been working on a game/concept and I am at a point of getting to the 3D portion and it’s been fun ride. Three.JS seems like it was made just for my level of knowledge.

Some screen shots…

Here is a video I just made of trying out ray casting for the first time. It just simply turns visibility off if an object gets hit. I’m hoping to finish this project and get it out there next year.
I’m still learning a lot and I will have lots of questions when I try more advanced stuff. Cheers. This project is using just native js and three.js. I write my own physics.

This is a video of a sceen of my low end laptop so my apologies but it is all I have at the moment of sharing work.

Ocean sunrise cruise

Slo motion cannon ballistics

Most recent ray cast test: