Looking for feedback on my game, Bowdown

Hey folks,

Take a look at my game! I’d like to hear feedback on what I can do to make it better!



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A few things I noticed in my quick play…
Looks nice but i would improve the first place (where you walk into the green cube to start). Perhaps position the text differently
On my computer (i5, 8gb ram,gtx1050) in firefox performance isn’t great at all.
I would recommend putting trails on the arrows when fired as its hard to see them.
A hit effect when you have shot someone (or been shot)
Have the cross hair change when over a target or if it does this make it more noticeable

I like the design, how it looks and feels. However I had some problems with collision detection, in some situations the camera goes insane jumping back and forth.

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Great to see your progress on this game!

I think the biggest issue right now is the (buggy) collision detection. I can sometimes walk into rocks and the camera badly shakes when collisions occur at certain places.

my laptop(Asus i7 Gegorce 940mx) just crashed after killing some birds…

I agree with Mugen. When I use the pull arrow to climb objects, I always get stuck inside a tree :S
The physics feel shaky.

The cartoony look though is sweet! :cake:
I really like what you did with the birds - turning natural world elements into target practice. Great idea!
The circles around arrows are neat as well, but I think they could use some perspective, get smaller with distance. Otherwise it is really hard to judge depth/range, especially when shooting upwards

This is great ! Just for your information, French keyboard is different from the English one, and W and A are not at the same place, so I had to go over Windows options to change to English.
Google for “azerty keyboard”.
It’s not a big deal (a lot of devs forget this so people are used to it), but if you want to polish you could detect French and change the controls accordingly.


Progress looks great! Well done. I’m getting the same issues with physics as others - it’s hard to jump up on rocks, for example.

Also, I have loads of “disconnected from server” messages scrolling down the left of screen.