Summer Afternoon

Something I’ve been working on my spare time lately :sunny:



It’s beautiful. I love low-poly scenes. I didn’t find the hidden things, but I met a friend (it’s multiplayer, yes, no NPC?) - we just jumped together a few times.

– Pavel

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thank you, yes it’s multiplayer! these random game “friendships” are the main reason why I decided to include it, glad that you experienced it! :slight_smile:


Very good ! Character interract with grass.

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Very nice work.
I really like this “blinds” transition effect when there is something between the camera and character.


Amazing! I found a couple of the secrets - I’ll try for some more in a bit. Really beautiful work with the shaders and artwork.

Also I see three-mesh-bvh used in the source! :grin: Are you using it for the walking physics and collisions?


Yes, three-mesh-bvh is used for physics/collisions! Thank you very much for your work on it, making now things like this and many others possible :pray:

I’ve been using it on pretty much every project lately in one way or another. If it’s not included I always end up wanting some of its functionality :smile:

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It is gorgeous … I like the relaxed ambiance and the toon shading … got the 5 secrets, another player guided me to the first and last one, or is it an NPC? Either way, that’s some sophisticated demo.

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So rewarding! I got a very nostalgic feeling playing this – it reminded me of several games in the 90’s that didn’t have goals. They were all about exploring and finding the cool things in the world (Mac games like Cosmic Osmo and Inigo Gets Out)


what course did you take to learn all this

I studied the threejs examples while doing my own experiments over the years. I wish I had access to some of the courses that are available today…

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can you send me link to such courses and do you think blender and three.js go hand in hand in a way they can complement each other

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Who else keeps coming back to this game? I’m continually impressed that no matter what time of day, what day of the week, if I log on, there is a good chance at least one or two other people will also be in the game.

The vibe is so good! Every time feel like I need a little escape, visiting this game feels like a tiny little vacation


Maybe just you.

I’m also impressed Brian. Just checked the server logs and as you said there’s a few people playing pretty much at any time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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awesome, this is the best threejs project I have seen. cool

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Niceeee :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

thanks so much for this awesome project, keep up the good work.