Threejs Cannon Virtual Experience Engine

This is a threejs+cannon virtual city.

This source codes allows threejs designers and coders to build browser and mobile/android 3d virtual experience (metaverse) games quickly and easily.


This source code uses threejs and cannon library, the engine\assets\js*engine.js* is written to efficiently handle and manage city scale environment.

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Custom Avatar

To add characters, you can use your own Ready Player Me avatar url or create your own custom character, rig character at Mixamo, copy at engine/assets/models/players, and then register the character in the engine/assets/js/avatars.js JSON.

[{name:'avatarName', height: 1.8, weight: 97, offset: .12}]

avatar name: name of your avatar in fbx or glb file

avatar height: the avatar model height in meters

avatar weight: the avatar mass in kilograms

avatar offset: adjust the avatar offset from the floor, ensure the avatar feet touches the floor just right not floating and not sinking.

Custom Environment (City & Objects)

To replace city, you can use your own custom model in fbx or gltf format (texture embedded), copy the models to the engine/assets/models/objects folder and add the model file names in the engine/assets/js/levels.js JSON.

{name: 'modelName', type: 'modelType', loader: 'fileExtension', x: [0, 1], y: [0, 0], z: [0, 1], o:[{x:0,y:0,z:0},{x:0,y:90,z:0}], s:[1, 1], si:0, kg:[5, 5], sl:null, sh:'metalimpact', pc:'.5-1', px:1.2, ds:40}

model name: name of the fbx or glb file

model type: objectmesh, trimesh etc…

file extension: GLTF, GLB or FBX only

model positions: x:[0,1],y:[0,0],z:[0,1]

the model can clone in multiple positions for example x:[0,1] is placed in x axis 0 and x axis 1 or x:[0,1,2,3,4,5] is place in axis 0, 1, … and 5

model orientation: o:[{x:0,y:0,z:0},{x:0,y:90,z:0}]

model scale: s:[1, .5]

the model can cloned in different scale for instance a tree model example s:[1, .5] the first tree model clone is full scale (1) and the second tree model clone is half scale (.5)

model mass (kg): kg:[5,5]

the model can be of different mass in kilo grams for example kg:[0,1] the zero (0) is static and one (1) kilo gram is a kilogram or kg:[10,0,40,30,2] has different masses.

model proximity (meters): ds:40

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