Paid - Three.js freelancer needed

The project will read a json file from a given URL
For each Element in the file, Create a 3d Object as descried in the file
Choosing (clicking) an Object to allow some changes
Changes will be POSTed to back-end

More info when we talk.

JavaScript and ThreeJS Only!!
No React
No Dependencies

  • Must be available for a Voice Call!

I m a senior threejs , webgl developer
I would like to discuss more detaild directly via discrod , telegram

Discord : punks#0631
Telegram : @DSODIN

Hi I developed THREEjs CANNON game engine that has no online dependencies, all libraries are in the same folder so that even offline the game engine loads,

Please check sample project virtual city & virtual tours


Do you use Skype?

I am a developer looking for new project, feel free to contact me at


Hope you are doing well

As I have seen your post and I have 6 plus years’ of experience on this and I can do the job and I have read out all the requirements mentioned above and you can reach me out at

Can we discus more on this?

Thanks& Regards

Hi please check your inbox
thank you

Hi. Hope you are doing well!
My main experience on Three.js is developing a 3D Multiplayer Game, 3D configurator, 3D background, 3D Effect, and Vrtour projects.
I have done almost 30+ WebGL/Three.js projects and I can share with you in the interview.
Especially, I have been worked on the world-popular open-source 3d web-based metaverse game engine projects including XR-Engine and Webaverse for over 2 years.
Please discuss the details so that I can help you very well.

My portfolio:

Especially, I have recently completed the chess crypto multiplayer game on the BSC network.
My main skills in Three.js are good handling animation, physics, materials, and shader.
I have good skills in modern front-end frameworks such as Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js and have worked on React/Redux/Hook-Three.js projects before.
Also, I have experience in using Anime.js/Tween.js and expert in SCSS/CSS.

If you are interested in me, please don’t hesitate to ping me.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Warm Regards.

Hi. Being a three.js developer, I am interested in this work.
Please contact me:
Discord: James Lee#4222
Telegram: @mydeto
Thank you.


Please choose a time to talk:
calendly dot com/webondemand/30min

Hi there. For 5 years I have made many website using three.js and react three fiber.
If you connect me, I can show my working. I have many experiences about loading 3D file, mapping, light effect, mousedrag event, modeling, mobile app using three.js etc. I have a deep passion for project and guarantee good quality.
Good regards.

How do I contact you?

How about using discord?
Can you send me request into “BLUEOCEAN#7335”

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