Programmer looking for a job

Hello, my name is Piotr.

I’m looking job as Threejs developer. Since two years I’m making customizable 3D configurator for e-commerce (you can see it at
I feels good with Threejs, React, Nodejs, Phaser(I created the foundations for online city builder mobile game, I wrote backend too).

Here are my two fun threejs projects:

If you want to talk to me, write to or to my linkedin account:


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Hi there. For 5 years I have made many website using three.js and react three fiber.
If you connect me, I can show my working. I have many experiences about loading 3D file, mapping, light effect, mousedrag event, modeling, mobile app using three.js etc. I have a deep passion for project and guarantee good quality.
Good regards.
My Discord : BLUEOCEAN#7335

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