THREEjs GAME Android Integration


This game is an example of THREEjs + CANNON-ES virtual experience mobile game implementation with android, exhibiting both application for mobile browser gaming and android integration.


The Cash Survivor - is a virtual experience financial awareness game set on a desolated town where you find yourself on life trial to survive with your financial ability to strategize your way to succeed or fail.

The Game - is about you waking up innocent and confused, your aim is to capitalize on your earned work pay and invest into assets with high returns (ROI) to bring you to financial freedom.

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Sadly this is unpublished from the Google Play because of their too many policies that we could not comply.

This policies are focus mainly for the ads which we could not deliver because this app is not designed for the the Google platform’s ads policies, the purpose of this app is a prof of concept for Android Integration and not for Google Ads monetization so we decide to remove this from Google Play.

You can still play or download the source code from its url

Thanks for sharing the game.

Google ads dissemination is brutal, so I understand that you do not want to part of the process.

I tried the game for a few minutes. Here are some observations:

  • In Chome works fine. I liked the low-poly-ness of the character.
  • In Firefox I cannot move the character. I tried to slide the controllers for motion and rotation the same way as in the video, but there is no reaction. I’m not sure whether this is related to an error message in the console:
  • Too many scroll-bars (in Firefox). Everything has scroll-bars. Message windows, texts in them, even buttons.
  • There are some parts not in English. Is this “υς” some currency?
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Thanks for informing me with the error, honestly this program was developed during pandemic (a concept financial game) and diving into bugs would require time to fix, and its been almost two years not having to code, I am just overwriting the three.module.js every release to keep this up to date.

I think the error is related, as the error suggest act0 is a variable related for animation, this error is probably preventing the rest of the codes to execute. I intend to replace the interface because it was a quick concept to submit for a client, the scrollbars are css bugs and can easily be fixed in the folder engine/assets/images/css/style.css by adding css code overflow-x:hidden;

The VC was the currency in the game (game points as the client calls it), it was on development, the currency is so interlaced with the code that removing it would ruin the game, so I leave it as is, I am now busy and back to work, don’t have much time to continue further developing so I hoping some developers would continue to assume this program, It has been journey learning threejs its the best pandemic time activity.

I would love to see this program to be used often for 3d browser games such as in the photo concepts below

On the next Saturday weekend I will try to replace the interface with new template and fix the above bugs or any other errors.

Download source code


I will upload the android integration source in Github soon

Thanks for letting me know the errors, this projects has not a been updated for almost two years, with regards to Google ads, there is no ads in this website, I have no idea how Google injected there ads in it, the VC is a game currency suppose to be the game score, for buying staff in the game, that was idea but I have never implemented the idea due to lack of time. You can however get the source code in Github to make your own version.

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Updated threejs r160 game for android webapp integration, the renderings is even more faster with too many draw calls from separate gltf assets. The renderings are better and accurate.

Updated threejs r164 the browser seems very memory efficient.

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