WolfYay.com - 3D multiplayer build & chat game

Are you a creative person who is learning three.js? That describes me exactly! I love how three.js enables games like WolfYay for web - please keep up the amazing work :heart:

  • I want to create something fun and free, with lots of options for customization and creativity, including unique player skins, block designs, and sound effects.

  • I want a game that can always expand, so that I can continually grow with the game as I learn.

  • I want to inspire others to learn about computers and physics - by typing in-game commands to change the sky color and by experimenting with personal flight and teleportation.

Lastly, I want to make a social experience, so that one can always play with your friends online, and chat, build, and explore together.

Please enjoy playing WolfYay which is built using three.js!

  • Wolf :wolf:

why is wolfyay not working?

All fixed!

Use vpn. Then not forbiden

wolyay not working