Hiring senior engineers (WebGL / Threejs)

Looking for founding engineers to help us build Webaverse. The project is powered by p2p and pure web tech to build a virtual world with custom avatars, VR support, and fun gameplay. It’s also completely open source: Webaverse · GitHub

The virtual world is inspired by Snow Crash and is organized around one main street, like a web page that goes forwards and backwards instead of up and down. It’s also a metaphor for a blockchain, in which The Street is the ever expanding chain connecting the blocks that contributors help shape throughout time.

Our engine uses many deep features of THREE.js, we are looking for hardcore hackers to build them out:

  • Custom file type loaders (GLSL, VRM, VOX, GLTF, WBN)
  • PhysX compiled to WebAssembly for collisions/raycasting
  • Custom avatar IK + WebXR support
  • Character controller w/ animation blend system
  • Multiplayer powered by y.js, mediasoup, and WebRTC
  • Preview server (puppeteer) for capturing asset media
  • IPFS + Geth integration for pulling assets

Requirements :

  • Deep experience with Three.js/WebGL, 3D development
  • Ability to initiate and drive projects to completion with minimal guidance
  • Documents things that are undocumented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Startup experience is a plus
  • Potential to grow into a leadership position as the team expands
  • (nice to have) Interest in decentralized technologies and science fiction

If interested shoot an email to hello@webaverse.com with links to your past work or feel free to DM me on Discord (jin#6455).

Link to the hiring page

There is also an infrastructure position available if you or someone you know is interested in backend. Cheers!


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