Looking for senior engineers to join Webaverse (remote)

We’re building a standards-based virtual world engine based on THREE.js. It’s open source: GitHub - webaverse/app

We want to build a composable metaverse owned by its users, powered by clean crypto (sidechain) and pure web tech. We’re funded and looking for founding engineers.

Our engine uses many deep features of THREE.js, we are looking for hardcore hackers to build them out:

  • Custom file type loaders (GLSL, VRM, VOX, GLTF, WBN)
  • PhysX compiled to WebAssembly for collisions/raycasting
  • Custom avatar IK + WebXR support
  • Character controller w/ animation blend system
  • Multiplayer powered by y.js, mediasoup, and WebRTC
  • Preview server (puppeteer) for capturing asset media
  • IPFS + Geth integration for pulling assets

Skills & Experience :

  • Deep experience with Three.js/WebGL, 3D development
  • Ability to initiate and drive projects to completion with minimal guidance
  • Strong communication skills
  • Startup experience is a plus

This position is remote. If you’re interested, message me or send resume to hello@webaverse.com

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