Threejs Obrit Viewer for Comets / Asteroids

Been working on this one off and on for a while now.

Threejs based orbit viewer:

Has a lot of features. Easy to get started, just hit submit to view the first interstellar object ever found. 1I/Oumuamua.

You can share links that will plot objects.

Here is interstellar comet 2I/Borisov:

If you know the designation of the object, you can use the MPC # box.

2019 WW4 for a newly found PHA
C/2017 K2 for a parabolic comet
1P for Halley’s comet

Click “From MPCORB”

On my laptop, decent GPU, I can get about 500 objects smoothly animating.




Hi David,
nice work. definitely could be useful for professionals.
I was wondering, any other way to find out planet’s alignments?
I was trying to scroll and find when they have aligned in the past or when they would in the future… but gave up pretty quickly