New NASA website using threejs that lets you look inside space rocks.

I’ve been working on this project for the better part of 2020. So happy to be able to release it to the world. Official article:

Uses ThreeJS to show interior CT data of each rock. Example:


This is super cool! :+1:

Really interesting, and your work is great. Did you do the rocks scans ?

The scans were done by Erika Blumenfeld over the past 5 years. Thousands and thousands of digital Hasselblad photos processed using SFM photogrammetry.



At first it’s like - “Hm. Alright, these are very handsome rocks.” Then you realize you can cut through the rock on every axis and see volumetric scans at each step - daaaaaaaaaamn, nice. :flushed:


Incredible work, what an amazing chance to work on such a unique project!

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Great work! By the way, have you tried anisotropic filtering for the textures? It might improve the texture quality on the sides.


Thanks very much for the tip. I hadn’t investigated this before. Do you mean on the mesh texture or the slice textures?

Thanks again. Just implemented anisotropic filtering on all textures.

I just realised, is that intentional that panning is only possible horizontally ?

not really. :slight_smile: I’m not using OrbitControl so it’s a bit different than usual. You can pan up and down if you use the arrows under the eye menu icon.

Nice! I was thinking on both, but to be honest it doesn’t need to be crazy, sometimes I found that just setting it to 2 already removes the blurry look: Math.min(2, renderer.capabilities.getMaxAnisotropy())

@bfeist what SFM Photogrammetry software do you use? Reality Capture?

@bfeist what license applied to the code ? thinking of reusing the cubeNav.

Amazing work, congratulations.
We have an Imaging and analysis department in the museum I work at, will need to show them this.

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